Any stock, fund or your entire portfolio in just seconds


Portfolio changes and critical market news effortlessly


To improve your portfolio with FinBuddy’s and your friend’s recommendations


With confidence based on insight from friends, contacts and experts

Simple Portfolio and Stock Analysis

FinBuddy provides you with a simple portfolio score, similar to your credit score, along with the context needed to use it. Our portfolio analysis tools are simple, easy to understand and most importantly, actionable!
FinBuddy also simplifies stock and fund analysis, explaining how a company makes money, whether revenues and earnings are increasing or decreasing, and if there are any cash flow issues. You can conduct any stock analysis in just seconds.

Personalized Actionable Insights

Once you understand your portfolio score, it is important to know how to improve it in order to meet or exceed your investment goals.
FinBuddy provides personalized suggestions about what stocks or funds you should consider for, or remove from your portfolio to improve your portfolio score. These clear, actionable insights help you plan your next move.

Tap into your trusted friends and experts

With FinBuddy you can validate your next move with qualified and trusted friends, contacts and experts. What you share, and who you share it with is entirely up to you.
FinBuddy provides the platform where you can involve your trusted friends and meet new ones. You can collaborate with them, give and receive suggestions and work as a team.

What others are saying

@finbuddy UI proves that even serious investment tracking works on smartphone screen #finovate
Jim Brune, CEO and founder of Online Banking Report and the Finovate Conferences
FinBuddy helping us make the right investment decisions through a clean UI here at #Finovate
Bradley Leimer, VP, Digital Strategy, Mechanics Bank